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The Healing Trust-
a non-profit organization formed to provide healing
for individuals and families who have been emotionally
imprisoned by the crippling pain and shame of traumatic events


Shame and Trauma cage a wounded soul.
The Healing Trust releases caged souls
and restores innocence and hope.
The mission of the Healing Trust is
to acquire and provide funding
for the healing of wounded individuals and families
by providing a safe and honorable environment
for ministering to the mind, body, spirit and soul
through counseling, therapy, training, education, and research.

Would you like to help someone break free? You can!
For every CD you buy, 5$ goes to this fund.
Also you may contact the Healing Trust,
or mail your gift to:


The Healing Trust
2000 Warfield Drive, Suite C
Nashville, TN 37215

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