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Demo Reel
Original Compositions by composer/arranger/keyboardist Boh Cooper


The Italian Chef-A romantic, light theme based on Cinema Paradiso
Beautifully Broken - Cue from my first short film scoring project
Art Restorer
- Pastoral string section playing with much feeling
The French Florist - Quirky piece in the style of Django Reinhardt
Battle- Huge orchestral cue for a mockup video game
Wet Tunnel- Cue for same video game, mysterious and ambient
Jungle Trek - another cue from video game
Crime In Florida 1- opening cue for documentary (Music for the Media Course assignment)
Crime In Florida 2 -
Crime In Florida 3 -
Crime In Florida 4 - end credits cue for documentary film about crime in S. Fla
Kid's TV Show - mockup theme for a children's tv show


Along with composing, I am also delving into the world of arranging for orchestra, as well as doing mockups of orchestral scores. Here are some samples:

Man In The Moon-This piece was written by my good friend, Bruce Gaitsch, and Ilsa Delange. Bruced hired me to arrange a string chart with hopes of recording it in London with real players. For now...this will do!

Thank you for considering my music! I am passionate and dedicated and would be honored to work hard to make your project great.

Boh Cooper- composer/arranger

I began passionate about composing music for composing and arranging about 4 years ago. My degree is in Classical Piano Performance, but had I known I had so much passion for composition, I would have majored in Comp/Arranging in college. However, I have been voraciously learning and studying as much as I can, attending any film scoring seminars I can find (like Howie Mann's and Scott Smalley's). I took Guy Michelmore's Music For The Media course, which, by the way, I highly recommend! I have arranged two symphonic scores for Peter Cetera, of former Chicago fame. I scored my first short film this year for the Nashville Scoring Initiative, a project conceived by Scott Halgren of the Nashville Composer's Associative to give new composers, student engineers, musicians, film makers and copyists a chance to experience the entire process of scoring and recording music for film. The film is called "Beautifully Broken". I arranged the orchestra for a track ("A Time For Us") on Jackie Evancho's new CD, Dream With Me, produced by David Foster. Also, I was given a chance to arrange "Over The Rainbow" for Melinda Doolittle to sing with the Nashville Symphony at a benefit on October 16, 2011! Shout outs to all the many composers who have been so generous with their time apprenticing me...Matthew DelaPola, Russ and Steve Mauldin, and David Foster.

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