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Pieces of My Soul - A collection of original piano solos performed by Boh Cooper.

Pieces of my soul is a collection of meditative, soul-stirring compositions for the piano which are designed to relax the mind, evoke emotions, inspire and encourage. It combines classical styles with tuneful pop sounds. It is like a mix of George Winston, Jim Brickman, David Foster and Dave Grusin .

I conceived this recording in 1997 when my sister asked me if I would make her a tape of some relaxing piano music. Throughout the following busy years, I continued to write, mostly about my experence in therapy/recovery, and finally completed the CD in November 2002. Without the help of many encouraging angels and loved ones this CD would never have been completed.

My thanks to all of you.
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Track 1: The Little Angel Boy (5:46)             mp3   Windows Media
This was the next to last tune I wrote, inspired by a story I wrote about a small angel whom God gave the job of putting the stars in the heavens during the creation of Earth.
The little angel boy was afraid that he would botch the job, and fearing God's disappointment with him, he never found the courage to start. One day God checked in on his progress, only to find the little angel boy crying in his room. God kindly reassures the boy that He never meant for this to be a burden, and that this job is really the most fun of all. He reaches into the bag of stars and simply throws them out into the night sky. Lo and behold, they sparkle and shine. "See?" said God. "You couldn't possibly mess it up. The stars are already beautiful. They just need someone to take them out of the bag and put them out there." I can just see the little angel boy and the King Of Heaven throwing stars into the sky and laughing with glee. The lesson for me comes from hours with my head on the keyboard, frustrated that I wasn't making good music. The music is already beautiful; it just needs to be put out there. So it is with any gift. Just take it out of the bag so the world can enjoy it!
Track 2: God's Green Hearts Song (4:45)
Inspired by a poem I wrote:
  Why do we live so rigid and stiff
Obeying each should and should not?
Coloring things the color they are
Instead of the color they're not?
But with the God who made the world we see
It's a different situation
From what I see it's clear to me
He has an active imagination
Take for, instance, the redbud tree that flowers purple in spring
Its leaves are made in the shape a heart
But they're not colored red, they're green!
Now who would think of taking green hearts
And hanging them on a tree?
Only a God who wants me to know
That it's okay to be me.
Track 3: Dance of the Gentle Giant (3:33)
I wrote this tune with the vision in mind of my sister, who had an incredible experience swimming with manatees in the Florida Keys.
Track 4: Subtleties (for Becky) (5:56)
Dedicated to Becky Felton, my sister of soul, who has helped me through some of the darkest times of my journey, and who was there when I first recovered the lost child inside, little Boh. Her unconditional friendship and love inspired this song, and I will never forget her.
Track 5: Into Me See (Intimacy) (4:39)
What we all desire is to be seen for who we really are, and to be loved.
Track 6: Angel of Hope and Encouragement (7:08)
Dedicated to all the wonderful people who have cheered me on and encouraged me to finish this project. I hold all of you in my heart. This CD would not have become a reality without you.
Track 7: Longing for Home (6:05)
If only I could experience just once more the sights, smells and sounds of my family gathered together around the dinner table to share a meal. Home is the only place where we were all totally and completely safe comforted and embraced. We all ache for this place, which reflects a deeper hunger for our true home with God. The Bible story of a young man who left his home long ago only to find himself longing to return also inspired this music.
Track 8: Jeri Ann (4:18)
Inspired by my beautiful and gracious wife, Jeri. The youngest parts of me wrote the melody and performed like a child might play at a recital. I imagine myself as an adult coming up behind little Boh on the piano bench to add two more hands and some flavor. I cannot keep the passion I feel for this woman inside...
Track 9: Restoring Innocence (6:35)
This melody was written by my best friend, Vee Bishop. He is one of the most passionate and creative guitarists I know, and he is the best at affirming my worth and preciousness. This song is dedicated to all survivors of abuse; physical, emotional and spiritual.
Track 10: Soulmate (4:10)
I wrote this song to honor my dream of finding a partner and lover and friend, someone to walk beside and to cherish on this Journey. I believe the key to finding soulmate love is to have an amazing relationship with your Self!
Track 11: First Love (3:24)
Dedicated to the memory of the first time I ever fell in love. Bittersweet feelings flow from love lost and remembered. This person always holds a special place in the heart. But love is like may wither like a leaf, but it will return anew in a fresh way, which can totally surprise us.

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