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Boh's Musings

Subject: Holiday on Ice
Date: October 17, 2008

What a blast to go to Youngstown with Peter Cetera and band to film Holiday on Ice! My Steinway piano was setup right next to the ice, so I was able to get very close to the skaters. They were as interested in us as we were of them. Right away I met a skater named Jaime. She was very sweet and I kept telling her, "you look very familiar to me"! Well, when her partner skated over and introduced himself, it finally clicked...Olympics! It was Jaime Sale' and David Pelletier of Canada from the Salt Lake City games in 2000! They are married now and still skating together, and they have a beautiful 1 year old boy. Sasha Cohen was also there, but we only shared a short "hello and good luck". She is definitely the prima dona, and what a lovely skater. I got my pictuer with Brian Boitano, and kept singing the South Park song all night..."What would Brian Boitano do?!"

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